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Adult Performance


Provides a chance to improve your physical and emotional well-being through this proven program. Adult fitness is not limited to a certain age, as it provides results for all! Adding in a fun community environment makes this program perfect for YOU!

The Restoration Project


Injuries in sport happen. Though less common, the same or similar injuries happen through daily living activities.

In an 1 on 1 setting our staff will work closely with your physical therapist and other support staff, to create a custom program that will return you to a high level of performance.

Sports Performance


Provides sports and athletes specific programming to address deficiencies and enhance strengths. Program will focus on an athletes' speed and strength development. Sports Performance is available for all competitive athletes in either a Team, Elite,Youth or Speciality Clinic/Camps setting.

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Mission Statement

Focus on a balanced lifestyle through performance by providing a sustainable and enjoyable community that supports the individual with education, opportunity and family.

Brand Image

To be recognized as a symbol of respect in our community as professionals of human performance that practice with sound principles, safe methodologies and a burning passion to improve athletes, their lives and the industry.

Knight School

We don't throw you to the wolves.
We prepare you for battle.

Knight School consists of 6 introductory sessions over a 2 week period which prepares you for your induction to Knight training. Knight School ensures that we are giving you the proper coaching that you deserve for your individual needs.

In these 6 sessions, we cover everything you need in order to begin full-time training, including what to expect daily, all of our standard movements, how to take care of your body so that you can train consistently and how the community atmosphere will help you on your journey. It gives you the chance to start off with GREAT HABITS!


We're invested in your success. From day one, you're part of our family. Knight School allows us for you to get to know us as well as us get to know you.


Knight Performance is unlike any other facility you've been to. We do things differently for a purpose. Here we're confident that we're a match made in heaven but just in case we're not, this is the time we'll find out. We haven't met anyone who felt otherwise.


Change is always hard. Knight School makes it easier. Don't worry, Every movement, every technique, every feeling, we'll teach you everything you need to know.

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Adult Performance

Confidence of a superhero without having to lift like one

If you are looking for a program that improves your energy, increases your health and gives you the confidence of a superhero (without having to lift like one) our Adult Performance Program is for you!

Your physical ability affects you every day. Be it walking up and down flights of stairs, or coaching your kid’s soccer team. Picking up a loved one if they have fallen down in their home or sitting and standing frequently. Not to mention playing in that Rec League tournament. Your ability to perform these task well increases your quality of life.


The supportive community training environment has a 1:15 coach to athlete ratio. Meaning the sessions are limited to 15 athletes for safety and quality.

Proven Training Methods

Training methods that are fun, safe, sensible and effective!

This program is designed to first assess and teach basic movement patterns and overall athletic ability. From there we focus on improving these patterns and abilities by improving the athlete’s strength. With focuses on restoration of muscle tissue, improved mobility and flexibility, you will begin to reduces unnecessary aches and pains while improving body composition and performance.

Flexible Scheduling

Our training program works on system that allows for the variety of training to work around your schedule so that you don’t have to work around it!

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The Restoration Project

Get Back In The Game

Whether it's the court, field, work, or your own backyard, You're at your best when you're actually playing.

The Restoration Project restores your body to it’s or even better form is a project that takes time and focus. By the end of this restoration process, we intend to have up and going with renewed confidence.

We Help You Get Back

In a 1 on 1 setting our staff will work closely with your physical therapist and other support staff, to create a custom program that will return you to a high level of performance.

Quality Assessment

Through an initial evaluation of the injury site, a program schedule is created with recommendations on continued rehab exercies. Along with mobility and flexibility exercises and methods to strength the injury site and adjacent areas of importance.

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Sports Performance

Always Improving

The days of “getting better” in your sport by just playing it during the season have come and gone! Early specialization is decreasing athlete’s overall athletic ability too soon.

This program is designed to first assess and teach basic movement patterns and overall athletic ability. From there we focus on improving these patterns and abilities by improving the athlete’s strength.


By starting and ingraining the basics, we safely set the athlete up for future success by limiting their chances of injury and improving performance.

Initial Assessment

Based on Knight Performance's designed initial assessment, We craft a plan designed for you. This can mean the use or added weight to the body or body weight exercises. No two plans are the same. Your assessment, your sport, your body, your plan.

Next Level

We've been to the next level. Now allow us to take you to your next level. We offer sport programs for middle School, high School athletes and seasonally for Collegiate and professional athletes.

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Knightly Advice

Knight Performance

KPF Announces Community Partnership with ​Elite Integrated Therapy Centers

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Knight Performance Factory has formed a community partnership with Elite Integrated Therapy Centers, a leader in physical therapy in the Upstate of South Carolina.

The human body can do a lot of amazing things! Whether you are pushing your body for recreation or competition, minor and major issues can occur with our bodies.

Issues that developed from inactivity or old injuries that have put us on the shelf and can limit performance, don’t really go away. This is where it becomes vital to treat the causes, not just the symptoms.

Whatever the physical issue may be and whatever it may be from, Elite Integrated Therapy Centers and their network of health professionals can help get you back on the right track.

At KPF we have a strong emphasis on training smart, which doesn’t mean easy, but means training within your bodies current limits. This allows athletes to continue to train more consistently and safely.

By starting each session by releasing fascia (foam rolling) and a Pre-Hab/Activation portion and closing it out with a Regen session, partnering with a therapy group that subscribes to the same principles allows for a team approach to helping athletes improve overall health, wellness and performance.

While having athletes that are currently working with Elite, and seeing results, Knight Performance Factory will continue to refer athletes, past and present, with minor and major movement issues to enhance quality of life and physical performance.

Elite has 6 Upstate locations. KPF is conveniently centered between three of these locations, two in Greenville and one in Simpsonville, providing multiple options for our athletes to choose from.


Bring A Friend Week at The Factory

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Friends and fellowship are always great! Why not add some fitness in there with it?

During the week of Monday February 20th and Saturday February 25th, KPF athletes are welcome to bring their friends to experience KPF as many times as they would like, FOR FREE!

KPF athletes, just give our staff a heads up as to when to expect your friend(s). They don't have to come with you but at least let them know what they are getting into!

If you are not a KPF athlete and interested in joining us, befriend a KPF athlete fast! For more details call 864.603.3992 or email us at


KPF "Adopts" Little Brothers

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We are honored and excited to announce our involvement with Mauldin Middle’s IMPACT Club.

This could easily be the most meaningful relationship that we can create in our community as we team up with Assistant Principal, Jordan Finlay. We will help the IMPACT club's young men by providing the opportunity and support to develop their skills and habits in order to succeed as a student and citizen.

IMPACT, which stands for Intentional, Motivated, Principled, Able, Committed, and Tenacious, is not an ordinary mentoring program. These young men are not forced to be in the program but rather make the choice to be involved.

Choices. That is what the program is about, helping these kids realize that the choices they make in life have immediate and future results in not only their own lives, but also in the lives of the people they interact with everyday.

Members are required to honor their commitments, be present for meetings, maintain full academic responsibility, contribute to the group and respect their guardians, teachers and coaches.

Knight Performance Factory will provide support for the IMPACT coaches and serve as mentors to the young men involved in whatever capacity that is asked of us.

We are honored to have been asked to be mentors and partners with this awesome group of young men and their leaders.

For more information on IMPACT check out their Facebook page @IMPACTmms.


Knight Performance Factory and Nike Announce Partnership

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Knight Performance Factory has agreed to a partnership with Nike beginning in January of 2017.

Nike will become the official provider of athletic footwear, apparel, and equipment for the Factory Staff and athletes in all adult fitness and youth sports performance programs.

"We are thrilled to partner with Nike, the world's leading and most innovative sports brand," said PJ Gray, Co-Owner of Knight Performance Factory. "Partnering with a premium brand like Nike makes a statement for our athletes who work hard and are committed to improving themselves. This partnership shows that commitment by outfitting them with the best apparel, shoes and equipment across the board."

"One of our priorities at The Factory is to constantly provide the best for our people, including equipment and apparel. This increases brand recognition and allows all involved to represent KPF in the best possible manner.” Ryan McKie, Co-Owner of KPF, added.

Knight Performance Factory was founded in March of 2016 with a staff that has coached thousands of adult fitness enthusiasts and hundreds of competitive youth, high school, collegiate and professional athletes.


Knight Performance Factory to Launch Sports Performance Program

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We wanted to kick this program off with our Summer Sports Performance Camp but clearly that couldn’t happen with our delayed opening. So, with high demand and appropriate timing, we are ready to launch our year round Sports Performance Program.

These programs are designed to first assess and teach basic movement patterns and overall athletic ability. From there, we focus on improving these patterns and abilities by improving the athlete's strength and coordination.

Our Middle School Program will offer Speed Development sessions Monday and Wednesday from 430pm - 530pm.

Our High School Program will offer Speed Development sessions Monday and Wednesday from 530pm - 630pm.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays we will offer a joint 90 minute Strength Development sessions from 430pm - 6pm. We have modifications just as we do for all performance levels in our Adult Performance program.

We understand the nature of youth sports these days and the fact that time is huge commitment to anything. So for the athlete's convenience we have created a 12 and 18 session package to go along with our 3 month option.

If you are interested in more information please contact us via email at or by phone at 864.603.3992. And as always, feel free to drop by to see us.


Knight Performance Factory joins forces with 11.11 Training

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Creating relationships with good people is what life is all about: professionally and personally.

We have worked with the Co-Owners of 11.11 Training, Blakely Mattern and India Trotter as athlete/coach and now we are excited to team up with them as business partners.

11.11 Training provides supplemental soccer training and college recruiting consulting for girls 12-18 and college to professional.

With both Blakely and India having Division 1, Professional and National Team level experience, they are a great soccer resource for young female athletes, not to mention great role models that provide a solid character reference.

At Knight Performance Factory, we have worked closely with 11.11 Training by helping their Return Service in conjunction with our Restoration Project. The Return Service is aimed at helping their athletes get back to the soccer field after knee injuries. But before they enter into 11.11’s Infused Training Method, they work with us to restore the knee to full performing function.

By no coincidence, Blakely and India are products of our Restoration Project and we currently have 2 athletes that are benefiting from this partnership!

Great things have come from this relationship thus far and we look forward to many more!


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