Knight School

We don't throw you to the wolves.
We prepare you for battle.

Knight School consists of 6 introductory sessions over a 2 week period which prepares you for your induction to Knight training. Knight School ensures that we are giving you the proper coaching that you deserve for your individual needs.

In these 6 sessions, we cover everything you need in order to begin full-time training, including what to expect daily, all of our standard movements, how to take care of your body so that you can train consistently and how the community atmosphere will help you on your journey. It gives you the chance to start off with GREAT HABITS!


We're invested in your success. From day one, you're part of our family. Knight School allows us for you to get to know us as well as us get to know you.


Knight Performance is unlike any other facility you've been to. We do things differently for a purpose. Here we're confident that we're a match made in heaven but just in case we're not, this is the time we'll find out. We haven't met anyone who felt otherwise.


Change is always hard. Knight School makes it easier. Don't worry, Every movement, every technique, every feeling, we'll teach you everything you need to know.

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Check what our awesome happy clients saying about us.

Best trainers in the Upstate! PJ and Ryan are the perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs and challenging, yet achievable, goal-setting. They are professional, knowledgeable and 110% committed to client success!

LeGette Shirley

Ryan and PJ are top notch guys. They have a passion for helping people attain the unattainable. They are certainly some of the best in the business in the upstate. I hope you'll consider letting them train you and yours soon.

Blake Jackson

These two trainers are amazing! They truly help challenge you to be your best you in a non intimidating way. I tore my ACL playing volleyball and was devastated! They were quick to encourage me to continue training with them as well as doing physical therapy. They individualized workouts for me and I finished physical therapy ahead of schedule and today I have better strength and flexibility then before my injury! They truly are the best!

Wendy Arnold

If you want to be trained, motivated, and encouraged by two of the best in the industry give these guys a call. Ryan and PJ are two of the finest men I know and they have an amazing passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals. Their knowledge and experience ranges from training people who never stepped foot in a gym prior to working with them to training professional athletes. They want to help you be the best version of you!

Hilary Hoke

Ryan and PJ are the best in the business. They have superior knowledge but most importantly they are caring men!! They invest in their clients as a whole person. Your success is their success. If you want to be the best you MUST train with the the best. #factorybuilt

Laura Campbell

These guys are the best of the best!!! Knowledgable, highly educated with strong integrity. They will help you meet and exceed your goals!!! Big or small, they are with you all the way!

Terri Wood Long

You wont go wrong getting trained by these two guys!! They truly care!!

Cassie Kelly

"If you want no nonsense results this is the place for you. Ryan and PJ consistently deliver challenging workouts with variety and a smile. This is my forever gym home. You won't be disappointed!"

Dana Greer

"I simply couldn't give another gym a higher rating than KPF! Ryan, PJ and Stephanie are absolutely the most amazing trainers I've ever known. On top of the fabulous training the people there are not just "workout buddies" they become friends, encouragers and extended family. Don't take my word for it give this place at least one try and see for yourself!"

Allison Day

"PJ, Ryan and Stephanie know their stuff! They push us to become stronger and provide a positive is an awesome community."

Stacey Allan

"Doesn't give get any better than PJ, Ryan and Stephanie! They are awesome at training athletes and non athletes, kids and adults, males and females. Their expertise in the fitness and athlete training world, along with their personalities, are a perfect combination for anyone looking to get in better shape in a fun and motivating environment."

Brandi Jackson

"If you're looking for knowledgeable trainers with a focus on injury prevention who actually care about your progress and goals, Knight Performance Factory is where it's at! Ryan and PJ are hands down the BEST trainers I have ever worked with. The members at Knight have become amazing friends who encourage me and hold me accountable. The facility is awesome and the equipment is top of the line. This place is the best of the best in Greenville!"

Christina Rumsey