KPF "Adopts" Little Brothers

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We are honored and excited to announce our involvement with Mauldin Middle’s IMPACT Club.

This could easily be the most meaningful relationship that we can create in our community as we team up with Assistant Principal, Jordan Finlay. We will help the IMPACT club's young men by providing the opportunity and support to develop their skills and habits in order to succeed as a student and citizen.

IMPACT, which stands for Intentional, Motivated, Principled, Able, Committed, and Tenacious, is not an ordinary mentoring program. These young men are not forced to be in the program but rather make the choice to be involved.

Choices. That is what the program is about, helping these kids realize that the choices they make in life have immediate and future results in not only their own lives, but also in the lives of the people they interact with everyday.

Members are required to honor their commitments, be present for meetings, maintain full academic responsibility, contribute to the group and respect their guardians, teachers and coaches.

Knight Performance Factory will provide support for the IMPACT coaches and serve as mentors to the young men involved in whatever capacity that is asked of us.

We are honored to have been asked to be mentors and partners with this awesome group of young men and their leaders.

For more information on IMPACT check out their Facebook page @IMPACTmms.