Knight School

We don't throw you to the wolves.

We prepare you for battle.

Knight School consists of 6 introductory sessions over a 2 week period which prepares you for your induction to Knight training. Knight School ensures that we are giving you the proper coaching that you deserve for your individual needs.

In these 6 sessions, we cover everything you need in order to begin full-time training, including what to expect daily, all of our standard movements, how to take care of your body so that you can train consistently and how the community atmosphere will help you on your journey. It gives you the chance to start off with GREAT HABITS!

The Difference


The supportive community training environment has a 1:15 coach to athlete ratio. Meaning the sessions are limited to 15 athletes for safety and quality.

Proven Training Methods

Training methods that are fun, safe, sensible and effective!

This program is designed to first assess and teach basic movement patterns and overall athletic ability. From there we focus on improving these patterns and abilities by improving the athlete’s strength. With focuses on restoration of muscle tissue, improved mobility and flexibility, you will begin to reduces unnecessary aches and pains while improving body composition and performance.

Flexible Scheduling

Our training program works on system that allows for the variety of training to work around your schedule so that you don’t have to work around it!

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